Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WIN by giving us your FEEDBACK !!!!

Hi there,



As you know, our Kits are really doing very well.. however, as we are doing this for all of YOU.. we would love for you to give us some feedback..

  • What kind of kits do you like?

  • Any particular themes you want to see us making layouts of?

  • What size photos do you like working with?

  • Do you like flaps / folders / envelopes, etc for more photos

  • Anything you think we can add to improve our kits?

  • Any particular ranges you want us to try and find to make kits with?

Any ideas are most welcome to make our future kits even more spectacular.

Please leave a comment here (or email me at sa_homespun@mweb.co.za) and stand in line to win a Pack of M&M Camp Crop Class Notes. (3 doubles and 3 singles.. notes and templates to do in your own time)

ALSO: BECOME A FOLLOWER and stand in line to win a small RAK from us !

Draw date: 30 April 2011

Hugs, Sweet M and Nutty M


  1. Many of us, I am sure, are inspired by our kids, and scrap mainly for our kids....so here are some ideas for kits.....
    pages including things your
    1. kids did at school, for example, sports, school concerts,etc.
    2. things your kids did growing up, for example, the tooth fairy, first haircut, baptism, etc.
    3. holiday adventures you took with your kids!!

    and of course don't forget about the wedding pages!

    Most scrappers never take only one photo!! And I am a typical scrapper....I always take more than I need. SO I like to scrap layouts that include lots of photos.

    I enjoy making flaps, folders envelopes, little books etc....it challenges you a little!

    Hope this helps, and thanks for all the fantastic kits!!

  2. I haven't used your kits (yet!) but I subscribe to another kit site and from experience these are maybe some ideas that I would like to see in kits...
    1. Layouts with LOTS of photos... different sizes and no enlargements
    2. Themes could include the everyday events... just normal day to day stuff... not a special event/day...sometimes I find some kits are too "theme" specific to change to suit photos on hand.

    Hope this helps a bit and doesn't confuse too much.

  3. Any kits concerning
    * School Pages,
    * Sport Pages,
    * Concerts / Plays
    * General Milestones
    Special Days eg Mothers Day

    Layouts with lots of photos and interesting goodies like secret booklets, envelopes and NEW Techniques.

    Keeping to standard photo sizes will definately be a bonus.

    Keep up the BRILLIANT work!
    I think all the layouts so far is AWESOME and not much can be done to improve as they are so perfect.

  4. Hi Michelle,
    I have purchased some of your beautiful kits at I-Scrap in PE!Love them because they cater for lots of photos! I like layouts with different size photos which can be used for travel,kids parties,etc. I would love some layouts to scrap some heritage photos.Love envelopes and little booklets,hidden pockets to tuck away memorabilia.Your kits are great, keep doing what you girls are doig!
    Kind Regards
    Dalene Olivier