Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Wow, what a fun weekend !!

16 scrap-a-holics + 2 teachers (Nutty and Sweet) all departed from various corners of Gauteng and headed towards Hartebeestpoort Dam on Friday the 18th of March. Everyone unpacked and settled in around the pool for a quick drink and get to know each other before we started.

After supper, the girls all created their first layout "HOME is where you are" and just when they thought they were done, the fun began.

All the SCOUTS had to draw a bracelet out of a container with a charm on. There were 4 different charms and the girls were placed into 4 different teams (of 4 each). They were to work together during the weekend in SCOUT CHALLENGES for prizes and the chance to win more charms.

By the end of the weekend, the girls were all best friends and everyone (who had won charms for every layout completed, prize won or challenge one) each had a FULL bracelet full of the applicable charms to remember their fun weekend.

The first challenge placed the girls in teams at seperate tables. They were each handed a packet with lots of weird scrapbooking stuff. (paper, doileys, puzzle pieces, ribbons, buttons, etc etc) and they had to create a layout. Only one lady was allowed to work on the project at a time. They had 5 minutes to think about what they were going to do and then the race was on...

The whistle blew and the first lady had to create on the layout (no-one else was allowed to touch it). After 5 minutes the whistle went again and the project was handed to the next lady... this went on for 40 minutes... the ladies done so well and each girl had 2 turns to add to the single layout.

You cannot believe what the created in such a short space of time ! WOW !!

Here they are HECTIC at work:

The winning team were so excited to display their layout:
The other teams were just as happy with their end results though (they were stunning everyone and it was really hard to judge them !)..

The next day kicked off with LOTS of scrapping.. the ladies completed 2 double layouts. That night was open scrap and a lot of ladies only finished scrapping after 2 am !! LOL

Our second challenge for the girls was SCRAP TREASURE HUNT. They were placed in teams again and had to (at the blow of the whistle) run and find a selected number of items (as given to them). This was fun and the girls were ripping off bras to get the items done (one item was a black bra.. LOL).
The girls hectically working through their lists to find the items:
The GUINNEA FOWLS once again took this challenge... !
The next day was a bit quieter to start off with a double and single pages being taught. That afternoon the ladies once again got together in teams for the ultimate challenge: SCRAP OLYMPICS.
Each team work station was set up with equipment and the same pack of Scrapping goodies. The ladies had to line up in row and each was allocated 2 tasks to do on the project. At the blow of the whistle the first lady had to run and complete her task (e.g. ink the paper).. then she had to run back outside, tag her fellow team member and they had to run into the room and do the next task (e.g. stick photo onto the page)...
This was so much fun to watch, the ladies were shaking they were so frantic.. LOL...
Check the action shots ! Who says you don't exercise when you scrap !
The DRAGON FLIES (seen flying in and out above) were our winning team... !!!
That evening was our CAMP SCOUTS evening with the final challenge and prize giving.

We had our EXCHANGE SCOUT from Holland, our WASHED AWAY SCOUT
Our bad girls.. the HOOKER SCOUTS:
Our very own version of the RAPPER SCOUTS...
and our really GOOD SCOUTS:
The REBEL SCOUTS (take no kak, take no prisoners).. LOL
The girls were asked to vote for each other and certificates were handed out.. There was the SMILE scout, SLUR HIC scout, PARTY scout amongst others..
The SCRAP DIVA had to go to Claudette.. she finished about 6 more layouts during the weekend and was given the honor of the Scrap Room key as she spent more time there than anyone else !
Our final CHALLENGE for the girls was a TRIVIAL PURSUIT evening... with lots of questionaires for them to answer. There was a Logo Challenge, General Knowledge, Do you know David (all pictures of David's) and a Scrapping Word Search.
This was about the only time the girls were dead quiet over the weekend.. they were so busy concentrating and not wanting the other teams to hear their answers.. was so cool !

Every event has to sadly come to an end, and yesterday all us girls had a quick layout to do and then it was time to wave a fond farewell to all the newly made friends.

Thank you ladies formaking our March retreat such a success. We hope you all had as much fun as we did with you !
Counting the days to the August one !

Sweet M and Nutty M


  1. Awesome! We had so much fun, these pictures just don't capture it all.

  2. Wow it sure sounds like fun.... I'm sooooooooo tempted to do the one in August.

  3. This looks like an awesome time!! Wish I could sometime! Too far away :(