Monday, January 13, 2014


●●●● NEWSLETTER ●●●●
Hi everyone !

Welcome to another year of amazing scrapbooking fun !  We hope that everyone is back safe and sound and that you all had an amazing break.  I know that a lot of you had tons of unfinished kits in your stash, I hope you had time to get some of them done (with photos ! .. LOL)

We apologise for the lateness of our Newsletter but it seems South Africa went into slow mode this year already and lots of our suppliers only opened shop today, hence our delay in getting kits out!   

Just a few things re the kits for 2014 for your info:

Please note that with it being a new year, we need to get re-confirmations of your intentions to purchase kits.  As we cannot “assume” that you want the kits, please can we ask if you would drop an e-mail to Mitch at, and indicate if you want to book for 3,6,12 months.  Remember that if you pre-book you are guaranteed of getting your kits and not missing out on some amazing layouts.  If your details have changed, please let Mitch know as well.
REMEMBER:  you are not obligated to take the kits, but this is a good indicator for us of the quantities needed.
BIG NOTE:  Please remember when doing EFT’s that you indicate your NAME and MONTH KIT as your reference, it gets very confusing on our side otherwise.  Thanks.

Also, on doing a recon, we have noted that the banks are charging us lots for Cash Deposits into our account.  Can we please request that all payments be done via EFT if possible ? 
We can email you the 2014 Order Form,  with includes the fees applicable to the Cash Deposits and amounts being charged to us via the Banks.  If you cannot do an EFT, we ask that you please add the additional fees to your deposit as per attached.  We do apologise for this, but these costs have been escalating and we cannot carry them any longer.  We do hope you understand.

DEDICATED M&M’ers  - Book your kits for the full year and make full payment by end February and you will only pay for 11 kits, the 12th kit will be free

(7-10 AUGUST 2014)
We are already planning our Retreat for 2014.

Remember that our Womans Day weekend Retreat @ Olifants River Lodge will be held over the weekend of 7-10 August 2013
We hope to see you all there!  
Details to be confirmed, but as it is a long way away, you can already start making part-payments to Nutty M to pay it off long before the time. 
A deposit of R 500 confirms your seat but the exact total amount to be confirmed ASAP (last year was R 2900 so won’t be too much more).
Contact Mitch at to arrange this.

Sweet M and Nutty M

Using the Bella Blvd Play Date range of papers, this striking and fun layout, called AWESOMEness, is as easy as pie.  This page is perfect for any theme of photo's that celebrate the Awesomeness of every day things.  You will have plenty of space to add extra photo's or journaling in the booklet and under the flap.

Who doesn’t have a Bucket List?  either for their Life or for the year ahead.. I know I sure do!  This month we found the perfect paper, designed to capture all those events you plan to conquer in your lifetime with space for photos !  With tons of cute buckets and roses all around.. this one is for you !!

With so many pieces left over, there is a single YEAR IN REVIEW layout added this month.  You can add all your photos of the year ahead / or the year past.  With little flaps so you can get up to 36 on here if you wish !

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