Wednesday, August 28, 2013


31 girls, all eager and willing to learn lots and scrap the weekend away, embarked on our Weekend Retreat with gusto. 6 Layouts in 3 evenings.. not too much to ask ! 

Olifants River Lodge had no idea what hit them !  LOL.. loaded with our bags and totes full to the brim, the girls all "took over" the scrap room !  It was chaos and so much fun.. There was paper everywhere !  LOL

Our special theme for the weekend was to celebrate the bravery our sisters with Breast Cancer and was dedicated to our very good friend Mandi, who flew in again from England just for our weekend !
Everything was Pink for the weekend, from the pink bandanas the girls were given to their water bottles.

Our awesome huge scrapping venue:

Some girls partied, some girls scrapped to 2am.. all in all, everyone got to do what they wanted to do !  Everyone finished their layouts and went home happy !!

We had our themed evening, entitled PAPER PIRATES on the Saturday evening, the girls all looked amazing in their outfits created mostly from paper.  Some of our winners !

Having to scrap your own photos is bad enough, but when you get given someone elses memories to scrap.. wow, that is another matter.. The girls took the challenge to heart and created some amazing layouts !  

he winning layout for content and journaling by Marissa Wilken.  Wow, we were all in tears !  So special.

 Other amazing winners layouts the girls created.. you all done a fantastic job !

All in all another fantastic weekend.. Thanks for spending it with us ! 

See you girls again next year !

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