Monday, January 7, 2013


Hi there ladies !

Another year has come and gone.  Amazing how fast the months seem to fly by.   We trust you had a very good holiday and managed to spend some time with your family and friends over the Festive Season.  

We would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one you a VERY HAPPY 2013 and a BIG THANK YOU for all your support and we hope that we continue our relationship this coming year.

Both of us Nutty and Sweet have been scrapping up a storm and already have 2 months worth of kits in advance for you.  This month Sweet M has also created an extra BACK TO SCHOOL KIT for those who have kids returning to school this week.  (Good luck moms !).  February will see a bonus VALENTINES kit too created by Nutty M.. we really want to keep your creative juices flowing !

NOTE:  We are experiencing a bit of a delay with only getting back "into the office" today and waiting for the shipment to be cleared so will start distributing the kits asap.

(8-11 AUGUST 2013)
We are already planning our Retreats for 2013.

Remember that our Womans Day weekend Retreat will be held over the weekend of 8-11 August 2013.  We hope to see you all there !   Details to be confirmed, but as it is a long way away, you can already start making part-payments to Nutty M to pay it off long before the time.  Contact Mitch at to arrange this.

There will also be another smaller and shorter retreat happening earlier this year.  Watch this space for more details  SOON !

Here is to a very good and scrappy 2013 !

Michelle and Michele

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