Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hi ladies,  we are now in the middle of winter and I am sure you are all cozy and snuggled up with your heaters, old brown sherry and a couple of our Scrapbooking Kits to keep you warm and snug.. LOL

While you are getting cozy, we have been very busy this month and we were so well organised that 99% of the June kits were packed during the 2nd week of May - but low and behold, we had to order black brads from the States (could not find ANY in SA) for one of the kits …and what happens?  The good old SA Post Office decides to mess us around and go on STRIKE!  So we are really sorry, but ONCE AGAIN we have no idea when these darn things are going to arrive so we can finish packing your kits.  We are hoping desperately that the strike ends soon and that we can get your kits out asap.  Please note that we are NOT trying to mess you around and that this is really beyond our control. 

We had to bring in extra paper to pack the TIME kit created in April 2011, however we still  have enough paper to put together another 19 kits!  If you were not lucky enough to get your hands on one of these fabulous kits, now is the TIME (lol).. 
Please contact Mitch at SOONEST to order yours. 
Payment would be required immediately to confirm your kit.

Well here is to a warm, snug and happy Scrapping June!

We hope you enjoy the kits we have created for you this month and the new techniques we are teaching you.

Hugs, Sweet M and Nutty M

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