Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our first Scrap and Pamper Party was held at :

http://www.chicama.co.za/ Check out their wonderful specials they offer.

This was the most wonderful setting for our Day of Scrapping and Pampering:

Sweet {M} and Nutty {M} getting ready for the girls to arrive:
Claudia and Debbie
Some of our Medicross Ladies:
Then it was time to sit down and get ready to scrap: The ladies scrapping up a storm:

Medicross Krugersdorp brought all their ladies as part of their "Year End" event;
The ladies cut and pasted to their hearts content.
This is Natalie... the manager of the Spa.. she spoiled us rotten the entire day long! We really didnt' have to lift a finger (except to scrap!)
Sweet {M} and Nutty {M} getting ready to RELAX after a hard (yeah right) morning teaching...
The Medicross girls looking very relaxed...
We were all like jelly after our treatments.. LOL... was amazing !
Thank you Natalie and Chicama Spa for treating us so well and for the wonderful day !
You will be seeing us all again in February 2011 for sure !
And a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the ladies who joined us for making our first SCRAP and PAMPER party such a success !
Hugs, Sweet and Nutty {M}

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