Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well we “SURVIVED” the weekend… LOL .. we managed to OUTCROP, OUTBLING and OUTSCRAP the competition.

35 girls all arrived on a lovely Friday afternoon at DINONYANE LODGE in Nylsvley. We had a super weekend scrapping, playing games and being challenged as teams to outscrap each other.
The girls really bonded so well and had loads of fun !
On Friday night we put the ladies into different teams and they had to present their flags, team name and war cry to the Judges the next morning.

The PURPLE TURTLES won hands down with their unique little “skilpad” who joined their team.. LOL! Everyone was so creative though and the flags were stunning !

Saturday saw the girls doing 2 awesome double layouts and 2 survivor challenges.. SURVIVOR Scavenger Hunt during the day and SURVIVOR 30 seconds in the evening.
After that was chill time and while some girls partied, others went back to SCRAPBOOK ISLAND and scrapped until 2 in the morning… This year 80% of the girls finished their projects AND had time to put on their photos ! We are so PROUD of you all.. that hardly EVER happens…

Sunday dawned with hangovers and tired teachers and students.. LOL! However with our Grunge layout ahead, they donned their APRONS, gloves and got ready to get down and dirty !! That evening was TRIBAL COUNCIL... teams were awarded certificates, trophies and prizes
for their team work and individual prizes...

One of our best dressed couples: Michelle and Adrie and some of our amazing Cocktails that the teams presented as one of their Challenges..

Our coveted GOLDEN SCISSORS trophy (and certificates) were awarded to the PINK FLAMINGO’s for scoring the most points over the weekend and they all took home the title of SCRAPVIVOR 2010 ! Well done ladies.

Monday was sad as we done a quick layout and then all packed up and came home.

The girls were showered with gifts the whole weekend long. Daily presents were handed out (Scrapping DIVA aprons, dirt bins, tool bags, slippers/towels, etc etc) spot prizes were handed to each girl every day and other luck ladies still got game prizes and Survivor prizes. We also raffled a SIZZIX (won by Marissa .. well done ).

Lots more photos will be loaded shortly as soon as the girls share their photos ... (watch this space).
If you missed out, please remember BOOKINGS ARE OPEN for our next retreat in MARCH 2011.
NUTTY {M} and SWEET {M} at it again !

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